Episode 13: Jordan Gray on Facing Your Fears and Changing Your Life

Jordan Gray Relationship CoachThis week I’m joined by relationship coach and author Jordan Gray, who decided one day to radically change his life and really start living life on his own terms. As you’ll hear in this episode, he quit his job, broke up with his girlfriend, sold off most of his possessions, and bought himself a one way ticket (literally) to a new life! Since then, he has accomplished an amazing amount, and is truly living life on his own terms. It’s an inspiring story, with lots of specific advice about how he has set up his business to support his lifestyle, and vice versa.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Jordan identified the topic he knew he could turn into a meaningful, lucrative business
  • How he went from being a corporate “intrapreneur” to a thriving entrepreneur
  • Jordan’s biggest fear when leaving the corporate world, and how he turned it into motivation
  • The fear you’ll have to face and overcome again and again if you really want to be successful
  • How you can face this fear & do it anyway!
  • Jordan’s “quarter life crisis” that led him to change everything in his life at one time
  • The non-negotiable goal that motivated him to grow his business
  • What a day in the life of a relationship coach looks like
  • How Jordan produces tons of writing and work while maintaining a great lifestyle
  • What a relationship coach really is, and how the business works
  • How to balance goal setting with listening to the market and being open-minded
  • The best and worst parts of being an entrepreneur, according to Jordan
  • And much more!

Jordan’s a brilliant guy, and has some fantastic advice for any of you who are feeling the fear of going out on your own, so be sure to check out the episode and visit Jordan’s site for more!

More from Jordan:

  • JordanGrayConsulting.com – Jordan’s home base, where you can read about his advice on relationships and personal growth, check out his best-selling books, and much more!

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